Saturday, August 2, 2014

The EULA - 1 day after the enforcement

Time has gone by, and so has August 1st. I'm pretty happy that there was no "uproaring" from the servers, like a strike for a day because of the changes, instead, everyhing was fairly quiet. It's August 2nd now, let us take a look at the servers we took a shot last time.

But before, we need to clarify some things. Yes, I made wrong assumptions in the comments of my last Reddit post about the last blog entry, but that is what commenting is for. And some people do indeed know what the EULA specificly says and what not. Thanks to Reddit user Jootunk, post can be found here, we know that what Mojang is doing is indeed allowed, even specificly stated that they can give out exceptions from the rule that monetization on Minecraft is not allowed. The blog posts are official Mojang statements, and therefor the new rules aren't really rules, but exceptions from the EULA.

Furthermore, Marc_IRL said here that the enforcement will most likely not be publicly discussed on Mojang's side, just like the brand enforcement has not been discussed. What that might mean is that they have the blog posts translated into "real" legal text, and they can use that if servers refuse to follow the rules.

And to end this: Yes, blog posts count. You can see the blog posts as official Mojang statements to match the exceptions described in the EULA. Well, "Blog posts" just doesn't seem very legal to some people.

Alright, let's take a look at the servers.

1st list:

1) Minevast:
Minevast is still selling gameplay features for real money, with not even mentioning the EULA "changes" at all. The server owner has been informed.

2) Endercraft
Endercraft is still selling gameplay features for real money, with not even mentioning the EULA "changes" at all. The server owner has been informed via Mail.

3) HcRaid
HcRaid is still selling gameplay features for real money, despite their comment that they had plans to comply with the EULA. No comment about it on their website, server owner will not be informed since he already knows about the changes.
Edit: According to Reddit User "WWIflyingace62", the plan of HcRaid is to wait until August 17th to make a server reset to introduce the changes, which does not comply with the EULA.

2nd list:

1) Desteria
Desteria has taken a fairly well accomplish at complying with the EULA, however, they are still selling gameplay features for real money, with the argumentation that "everyone can get them" (via a voting system), however, this is not valid. The server has been informed via Mail.

2) Mineslam Network
Mineslam is still selling gameplay features for real money, making their public statement here, mostly with the argumentation that they "didn't agree to the EULA because the server is still running 1.7.9", which is Invalid because they agreed to it when they bought Minecraft. The server owner has been informed via their website.

3) Desiredcraft
Desiredcraft is still selling gameplay features for real money, still having the explanation from June 20th up. The server owner has been informed via Enjin.

3rd list:

1) Mineplex
Mineplex has taken an attempt to comply with the EULA. However, the introduction of Premium Servers does not comply with it, so they are still selling (access to) gameplay features. Informing them is pointless, since they are too big to actually take notice in any of my messages. Only the crowd can probably inform them.

2) GommeHD
GommeHD complies with the EULA.

3) Cube Craft Games
Cube Craft Games seems for the most part to comply with the EULA, however, some of their "donator" ranks still have gameplay features in (might be a mistake in the shop)

Other larger known Servers:

1) Hypixel
Hypixel complies with the EULA.

2) Playmindcrack
Playmindcrack seems to comply with the EULA, although for some reason, the patreon page doesn't load.
Edit: According to Reddit User "TeamFlare", Playmindcrack fully complies with the EULA.

3) The Hive
The Hive complies with the EULA.

4) Overcast
Overcast complies with the new EULA since since the last time already. (<3)

Well well, where to start... it seems like a ladder from bad servers down to "good" servers. Servers either completely ignored the changes, tried to comply with it but failed or comply with it fully. 7 of 13 servers still are not complying with the EULA and the exceptions Mojang made. The largest server, Mineplex, is one of them, with over 5000 players while North America is sleeping, breaking a rule that was specificly answered in the Q&A. 

I'm very interested in the response I might get from some servers. Some of them might contain non-PG content, and well, it will be a lot of discussing... we'll see how this turns out in the end.

Keep in mind that I only tested 13 servers. From the current point of view, most servers do currently not comply (if every server would count despite their user count). I really don't know what Mojang has in mind to do against those...

I'll do the server testing every week now, but this is the last one I post on Reddit. So, if you want to keep informed, just save the link or... well, whatever you are doing to remember the site if you want to be informed about how the servers develop. I'll also include the answers from the server owners if I got some, and... well, we'll see...

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Replies
    1. I don't, but would it matter if I had? In the end, we are all humen.

  2. RE: Mineplex - "However, the introduction of Premium Servers does not comply with it"

    You can have premium servers that "sell" gameplay content as long as everyone on that premium server paid the same amount and got the same content. It's basically a "one ticket" system to a custom server.

    Unless they are selling multiple "ranks" on the premium servers, or people can "transfer" from premium to free and keep their perks.

    1. I suggest reading the EULA Q&A from Mojang again, especially the definition of a server and the access to certain parts of a server.

  3. I'm a staff member on Mineplex, and I know that we're completely compliant with the EULA. We made sure to have direct contact with mojang, ensuring our premium servers do actually count as being compliant.

    1. Well, I don't know who you talked with, but take a look at this:

      Especially the definition of a server and the access to certain parts of a server.

  4. So I'm curious: Do you even have any authority on this matter? Or are you just a self-proclaimed cop trying to police the "bad guys"?

    1. I agree that the contacting might have been a bit too much, yes. But this was only supposed to show if servers are following the changed rules or not.